The school is now using Schoolcomms, a school to home communication system to send all your communications from school quickly and reliably from one system. We can send letters by email to your inbox and short messages directly to your mobile phone as a text message, or if you have either an Apple or Android mobile phone, by app message. 

 You will:

  • Receive letters more reliably and promptly
  • See letters in your inbox like any other email
  • Get a short text message or app message if we need to contact you urgently
  • Not need to rely on your child for delivery
  • Be able to reply by email, text or app message

We can:

  • Send more information
  • Save money on admin time, printing and paper

The school will use the email address and mobile number that we hold for the Priority One contact in our database. To realise the full benefits of Schoolcomms we are encouraging all our parents/carers to provide us with an email address and a mobile telephone number for the Priority One contact. 

If you are not certain that we have your correct details please contact the school and the Communications Officer  will check them for you.  If you have changed your contact details please let us know by completing a change of details form that can downloaded from the FORMS page in the PARENTS section of the website.

Some parents/carers are already receiving emails using our current system and those email addresses have been recorded on our database so they can be used with Schoolcomms.   If you have not provided us with a mobile telephone number you can also do this by completing a change of details form.

Schoolcomms is registered with the data protection act. All information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation. Your details will only be used for the purpose of school business. You will not receive any SPAM or marketing material.

If you have any questions  about Schoolcomms please contact the Communications Officer on 01633 420106 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please remember to include the name and form of your child.)

We are encouraging all parents and carers who are listed as the priority 1 (primary) contact to download the Schoolgateway App as this provides a quick and easy method of receiving texts and messages and replying to them.  The app will also save the school money as all messages are sent free of charge.